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Why choose draperVENT?
Farming for Profit
At draperVENT we use our extensive experience to develop climate control systems for broilers that encourage the birds’ full genetic potential. We not only deliver the equipment but will work with you during the first few crops to ensure that you learn to secure the best possible bird performance.
  • Decades of experience have led us to design broiler house climate control technology that specifically suits the conditions that prevail in the UK.
  • Our systems are fine-tuned to provide the crop environment that encourages the full genetic potential from your birds. We collect data from each crop to point the way to future improvement.
  • We offer training and continuous mentoring for our growers, working with them to attain the very best crop results.
  • We understand the working day of our growers and have used this knowledge to create user-friendly practical systems that offer rugged durability. Highly automated but easy to pilot. Still retaining the stockman’s ability to influence & with support available 24/7.
  • Our customers join a community of success where all share in knowledge gained.
  • We listen.

draperVENT - the choice for success!

What We Do
Complete Package Solutions

Computerised climate control & flock management systems for both new poultry housing and refurbishment projects incorporating either complete equipment packages or as a managed turnkey project and often with bespoke hot water district heating etc. All supported with extensive training and support to ensure our customers attain the maximum benefit.

Condensation and humidity control for a range of agricultural buildings, industrial process plants and warehouses.

draperGROUP welcomes a new Sales & Marketing Director draperVENT Broilers

AVICARE HW is our state of the art climate control system for broilers.  Designed specifically for the often cool and damp weather of the UK. (...)

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draperGROUP welcomes a new Sales & Marketing Director draperHEAT Hot Water Engineering

For more information please go to draperHEAT website 

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draperGROUP welcomes a new Sales & Marketing Director Condensation control for steel stock warehouses

We specialise in controlling condensation within materials warehousing. By maintaining humidity levels we can eliminate condensation and its damaging corrosive effects on valuable stock such (...)

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Meet our Team
A wealth of experience
Paul Draper Paul Draper

Managing Director

01202 797150 07795 295171 paul@draper.group
Justin Emery Justin Emery

Senior Ventilation Consultant

07799 673213 justin@draper.care
Jules Marris Jules Marris

Technical Director – draperHEAT

07811 199585 jules@draperheat.co.uk
Ryan Plaskitt Ryan Plaskitt

Project Supervisor

07867 865669 ryan@drapervent.com
Anne Martin Anne Martin

Financial Manager

Michal Kapelusz

Procurement and Logistics Coordinator 

01202 797379 07500 985505 michal@draper.group
Jonathan Sullivan Jonathan Sullivan Technical Director - draperBIOTECH
07387 269203 jonathan@draperbiotech.com
Martyn Jutsum Martyn Jutsum Science Director - draperBIOTECH
07387 269202 martyn@draperbiotech.com
Penny Polhill Penny Polhill Office Administrator
Featured Articles
Robert Towers
Robert Towers
I felt I was in safe and experienced hands with draper, who have subsequently helped me every step of the way. Justin has seriously taught me a lot. It’s a real partnership approach and I look forward to long term success!
Robert Lanning
Robert LanningDevonshire Poultry - Chaffcombe
I have known Paul for many years and he and his team are real experts in Poultry ventilation and climate control. They have such experience and understanding of poultry production alongside well-built equipment suited to the environment. Plus we wanted to use a local company
Case Studies

John Smith Swarbrick Hall Farm - draperHEAT

Early  2016, plans were set in motion to extend the existing 2 house broiler farm with an additional 2 new 50,000 bird houses. The existing two houses are heated by a single 600 kW pellet boiler with centralised 600 KW LPG, both houses within a single boiler room. Whilst the existing pellet boiler meets demand (...)

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John Smith Swarbrick Hall Farm - draperHEAT
Devonshire Poultry - Chaffcombe

Devonshire Poultry - Chaffcombe

Based near Honiton, award winning Devonshire Poultry has been producing high quality broiler chickens for meat, since 1991. Founder, Robert Lanning started his poultry profession aged just 18 and now, via six farms based in the West Country, his company currently produces more than 3.5 million chickens per year, housed in 24,250 m² of indoor (...)

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ISJ Farming Ltd, Ashbourne, Derbyshire - Feeder and Drinker System Upgrade

To increase bird performance, improve biosecurity and reduce setup time and costs.

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ISJ Farming Ltd, Ashbourne, Derbyshire - Feeder and Drinker System Upgrade
Peak Performance For New Lancashire Grower

Peak Performance For New Lancashire Grower

When Preston livestock farmer, Robert Towers, diversified into a new area (Roaster production for H2S ), he needed to work with a company that could support, encourage and train him to succeed in his new venture. He also wanted to future proof his investment, seeking high quality, innovative design combined with practicality and an intuitive (...)

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John Smith In Lancashire

New broiler farmer John Smith, knew he needed to work with a company who could provide the support and advice he needed for his new venture. John built 2 sheds, and his first delivery of 90k chicks arrived in May 2015. Having sought advice from his neighbouring farmer and visited a number of installations, he was (...)

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John Smith In Lancashire
A V Dawson Middlesbrough Steel Storage

A V Dawson Middlesbrough Steel Storage

A V Dawson in Middlesbrough, are a logistics and storage Company, who amongst their portfolio store mild steel coils made in South Wales, for use in the automotive industry. If steel is stored in humid conditions above 85% it rusts and with over 20,000 tonnes in stock, that’s a lot of steel to protect. Their existing (...)

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Broiler Breeders - Higher Thorne Farm, Devon

The Smaldon family have been in broiler breeding since the early 60ies, latterly supplying the Cargill Group with around 36k pullets per crop. They have met the ongoing demand to increase production at Higher Thorne Farm, in North Devon, by building 4 new houses, 380 x 45ft each to house a flock of 9,000 hens (...)

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Broiler Breeders - Higher Thorne Farm, Devon
Foxholes Farm

Foxholes Farm

Foxholes Farm Bespoke Integration Delivered Ultimate Control The sheds at Foxholes Farm in Shropshire, utilised 3 Fancom designed tunnel/sidewall ventilated houses with F38 controllers. The challenge was to integrate draperMINVENT HW system for early ventilation and heating. Guy Davis knew how well chicks start with this system, hence wanted to preheat incoming air in the ceiling (...)

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Our Story


  • draperVENT founded – agent for Danish firm, Turbovent – selling and installing package ventilation systems in poultry broiler and free-range layer houses throughout the UK.


  • draperVENT started developing own equipment, including the very successful AVICARE AHU ventilation unit, solving issues with poor ventilation and energy efficiency.


  • draperVENT installed the first biomass fuelled, indirect heating system in the UK at Frogmary Green Farm.  The heating system was incorporated into the AVICARE AHU system.


  • draperVENT installing LPG boiler systems to heat the AVICARE HW system.


  • Justin Emery joined draperVENT.
  • Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) was launched by DECC and implemented by OFGEM to provide a payment tariff for renewable heating systems.  draperVENT well placed to provide their unique heating system into poultry houses.


  • draperVENT became OEM customer of Hotraco Agri – Dutch controls specialist – working with draperVENT to help develop their new Fortica touchscreen poultry computer, launched 2015.


  • draperVENT designed, developed and installed unique de-humidification, heating and ventilation systems for large steel stock-holding warehouses, using AHUs and GSHPs.


  • draperHEAT formed to provide turnkey heating systems using various renewable sources.


  • draperVENT became UK technical agent for Danish company Landmeco who manufacture pan feeding system for broilers and nest box and aviary systems for layers.
  • draperBIOTECH formed to develop air, feed and water sanitisation system using ozone.


  • draperGROUP involved in several R&D projects relating to poultry production systems.


  • draperLAYERS is formed to provide turnkey solutions into the poultry layers industry.
Care & Support
We don't just work for you - We work with you offering comprehensive training, regular farm visits and online monitoring 24/7.
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