Before you Order - step 1

Before you order

During our initial discussions we listen carefully to your plans & requirements and carefully identify all the factors that will be important to you.  We will carefully match solutions best suited to your needs which we then explain in detail and demonstrate with visits to similar sites. We explain the value of your planned investment by highlighting potential bird performance, energy efficiency and product durability.


Once you Order - step 2

Once you order

We prepare a detailed specification for your project. This will include detailed instructions for your house builder. A schedule of works is planned and equipment logistics are organised. Equipment from all over Europe is centred on the draperDEPOT where rigorous quality checks are carried out and final assembly completed prior to batching for delivery to your site in line with your constructor’s build program


Installation - step 3


Our project manager assigned to your site will supervise equipment installation undertaken by your house builder to ensure quality and conformance prior to the arrival of our multi-disciplined engineers. He will liaise closely with you so that you can be confident of both the process and progress


Commissioning - step 4

Our commissioning engineer will thoroughly check everything is fully functional and conforms within our expectations. Everything is measured and checked against the specification. Sheds are smoke tested to ensure air flows are to specification. Hot water systems are checked in detail for temperature delivery, for any leaks, and rust inhibitor is introduced. Communication networks are fully tested to ensure remote monitoring is fully active. A comprehensive initial training program covering all items of equipment is conducted with both owner and mangers prior to hand-over.


Chick start temperatures are carefully measured with thermal imaging across the whole floor area. A little variety is sought by the new flock for their comfort. We usually aim for the floor to be a little cooler at 28oC, the litter at 30oC and air at 31,5oC. This variation generates a good spread and healthy activity.


Air flows and circulation patterns are important. They demonstrate thorough mixing at high level in order to achieve even uniform temperatures across the entire floor area and to avoid chilling the chicks. We smoke test every shed as part of our commissioning program.

Inlet speed

We seek strong lamina flow through the inlets to ensure thorough circulation across the entire width of the shed.


Our growers receive as much training and support as they require.

Panel check

Exhaustive attention to detail is essential when commissioning to ensure every feature of our system is functioning to our specification.




When you grow - step 5


We grow with you!

Our mentoring consultant will be there to help you set up for your first crop. His many years of experience and attention to final detail will give you the confidence to get started on the path to success. He will always be available by phone, will make regular visits (frequent during your first crops) and will be monitoring every detail of your sheds online. As you progress from crop to crop he will be there to help you interpret the data collected so that you can fine tune your settings to pursue the path to ever improving bird performance


24/7 After-Sales Support - Step 6

After sales

Our ever expanding service team stands ready to support you with any problems that may arise. We hold many items on the service vans supported by comprehensive stock of spare parts at the draperDEPOT.

How can we help? Please select service and provide your details to get a callback from one of our team.

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