Breeder Lighting Systems

As with heating and ventilation, draper have sought out the ultimate solution to deliver superb results, effectively and cost efficiently.

When it comes to lighting, the key to productive poultry rearing is the ability to simply adjust the spectrum of light that suits them, thereby enhancing animal welfare, boosting growth, productivity, reproductive behaviors, and overall development, whilst also reducing energy costs in order to deliver higher profits.

Poultry are sensitive to green, red, blue, and ultraviolet (UV) light, thus making them quadchromants. Each colour has a specific physiological effect. At an early age, growth rate is significantly affected by green light. Later-stage growth is affected by blue light, which also tends to improve feed conversion (by as much as 4%). Red light helps minimise leg disorders by increasing locomotion and is said to lengthen peak production periods and in breeders, it can increase egg production by up to 38 eggs per hen.

Broiler producers, especially those growing large birds (>6 lbs.), often prefer to raise their birds under fairly low light.  Low light levels, often less than 0.2 ft*candles, are typically sought in an effort to reduce bird activity which in turn will help to  improve feed conversions, as well as reduce scratches and cannibalism.

The lighting system used by draperVENT is made by Agritube.

This system uses high quality Samsung LEDs and a BAG LED driver to provide a service life of in excess of 100,000 hrs when operated at 100% output. In poultry houses this means an effective life of more than 15 years.


Indeed the system comes with a 7 year warranty.


Higher Hertz =Happier Hens

Traditional low frequency fluorescents operate at 50Hz and are perceived by poultry to flicker which may, cause stress for the flock. The Agritube operates at 500Hz meaning no flicker. They also provide market leading efficiency with light output of 145 Lumens per Watt.


Even Light Spread

The Agritube has been designed with a patented wide beam optic that allows very
efficient use by spreading the light evenly across the full width of a poultry house
from a centrally mounted, single row of luminaires. This avoids the hotspots and
dark areas typical of batten or pendant lighting and is likely to reduce litter usage

Dusk to Dawn Dial Up Dimming

The Agritube LEDs are run by a digital “Dali” driver enabling smooth dimming over a range from 100% to 1%. Matched with a suitable lighting control unit this gives fully controllable Dusk-to-Dawn operation and very low light levels for catching.

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