Breeder Rearing Systems

Spin feeders are a simple, effective and economical method of providing broiler breeder pullets (male and female) with an evenly distributed supply of feed direct on the ground. The result is birds with very uniform body weight, and only a very reduced work load for the producer.



Spin feeders with hoppers are installed along the centre of the rearing house, either suspended from the ceiling or standing on supports. All spinners start dispensing feed simultaneously. The specially developed spin head from LANDMECO ensures that feed is evenly distributed over the entire circular spread area as determined by the rotation speed.

Manual control

The spin feeder can be operated manually by a Variator gear motor.

Automatic controls

All spin feeders can also be operated via a central control unit, which is set according to the age of the birds:

  • The number of feedings required
  • The duration of feeding
  • The area to be covered

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