We are now proud to incorporate the revolutionary FORTICA  broiler management computer with intuitive touchscreen display which will be fully customised by draperVENT to suit your houses. It is very similar to operate to the interface found on a smartphone or tablet. Clear symbols are used to create a custom 3D overview of your broiler house (“Home page”).  The result is an extremely user-friendly poultry computer that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via our online applications. All the information about your poultry house can be requested and accessed including climate, feed, water, bird weighing, alarm status and history, etc.  The ideal tool to complement your stockmanship skills.

FORTICA1 Fortica3 FORTICA2 Fortica4

Computer management program

With the new computer management program, users are able to optimise their birds’ living conditions and achieve substantial savings by minimising their electricity, feed and labour costs. With the Remote+ option it is possible to remotely control the Fortica. Our online access to your house enables us to afford you far greater support during the training and mentoring phase. Both Android and iOS mobile apps will soon be available.

We will help you use the data collected to build a history of house performance which will point the way for you to achieve ever improving results.


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