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We are delighted to announce our appointment as sole UK agency for Landmeco; Scandinavia’s largest producers of poultry equipment. Initially we will focus on broiler and breeder equipment, such as poultry feeders, and nestbox systems, but we look forward to distributing the full range of LANDMECO products in due course.

There is a great fit between our two companies. Their ethos, like ours is to listen to our customers, think smarter, always striving for better solutions. Your feedback is important, and plays a major role in shaping our thinking.

Feeders that are state of the art.

LANDMECOs unique pan feeding system has been designed with simplicity and functionally in mind, making users’ lives as hassle free as possible. It is also designed to provide the optimum start in life which is vital for high productivity.

The two most important and unique patented features are:

  • Kick-off: Centrally controlled overfilling of all pans at the same time, ensuring the best start for the day-old chicks. The system stimulates the chicks’ curiosity and collectively activates them to seek fresh feed. Experiments have shown, that chick bodyweight is up to 30 g higher than normal after the first week, when the kick-off system is used.


  • Easy-Clean: The system allows for all pans on a feed line to be aligned into the cleaning position by one single central rotation of the pipe, which simultaneously closes all outlets. LANDMECOs pans must not be disassembled for cleaning. This system minimises the manual work involved in this normally time-consuming operation.


Another feature is the use of transparent cones, making it easy to see whether the cone and pan are clean. It also makes the quantity of feed in the pan visible, so daily management is easier.


Landmeco Pan Feeding video




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