draperVENT have developed a unique solution that offers significant feed savings for Free Range Sheds during the cooler months. Hens eat far more when they are cold in order to maintain their body temperature. They pro-duce significant heat which rises to the roof space, so much that temperature difference between floor and roof can be as much as 15 degrees. Installing the Draper Recirculation Unit gently circulates that heat back throughout the shed achieving uniform, warm conditions.


Furthermore, when included as part of a carefully de-signed climate control system, a measured amount of fresh air warmed by the circulation is introduced to meet the physiological needs of the birds and to con-trol humidity. Harmful gases such as CO2 and ammonia are extracted. Temperature can be maintained within 1 degree of Set temperature even on the coldest nights. Feed savings are significant. Litter is drier and more fri-able.


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