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The last 12 months has seen a swing away from small biomass systems (sub 200 kW), to centralised 995 kW systems using a variety of fuel sources. As the RHI tariffs reduce, fuel costs are again becoming very relevant with fuels such as straw, waste wood and poultry litter now also being installed.

As well as the more mainstream wood chip and pellet, we  have solutions for designs incorporating litter burning, CHP, heat recovery, heat pumps and underfloor heating. The options and modelling can become complex however, please speak to us early in the design stage so that we can help you evaluate what might be the best solution for you.

Our services include….

  1. Consultation/data gathering

Site survey

Planning permissions/conditions

EA permit conditions

Existing energy usage

Expansion energy usage modelling

  1. Fuel selections / financial modelling

Analysis of fuel choice options.

LPG, oil, wood chip, wood pellet, straw, poultry litter, waste wood

Choices influenced by site location, available space, management  resource, labour resource.

Evaluating current and forecast  tariffs for different technologies under the DECC RHI scheme.

  1. System design

CAD design for boiler and fuel feed system, Building and fuel store , mechanical/electrical installations.

  1. Installation

Health & Safety file compilation/submission

CDM coordination with client/main contractor and other sub contractors.

Project management, planning, scheduling etc.

Site work.

  1. Commissioning, System Hand over & training

Coordinated system commissioning.

Operation and maintenance manuals.

Training of site operators and management.

System hand over.

  1. Service and maintenance

Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for boiler plant, fuel feeds and associated mechanical/electrical installations.

Gas Safe registered for commercial LPG and natural gas maintenance.

CEA member and BOAS trained engineers .

Remote boiler room monitoring via internet dial in.

After sales


Pipework In Sheds is welded galvanised steel pipework to EN10255-BS13870 within the shed due to its rugged construction and durability that is designed to sustain the 20 year RHI agreement period.  We can also supply stainless steel Mapress if requested.



Transport System Pipework links the boiler house to the sheds.

The buried pipework in the transport system is steel pre-insulated pipework with a Rigid HDPE outer casing for protection in the ground. The pipes are welded together and then have special heat shrink insulated joints fitted to provide a completely water tight installation. All pipes are pressure tested before they are buried.

Twin Head Transport Pump in the boiler house provides a backup pump head in the event of a failure. Supplied complete with isolation valves and temperature gauges.

Frequency controller per transport pump automatically increases and decreases the speed of the duty transport pump relative to the heating demand in the sheds, based on constant flow and return temperature differential. This optimises the use of electricity, as the pump is only ever operating as fast as the current demand requires.


Boiler house Pipework contains all the necessary pumps, butterfly Valves and 2/3-Port Valves with actuators etc. to make sure the heating system operates smoothly, and can be easily maintained. Heat Meters are installed to ensure the system complies with RHI requirements. All heat meters are protected with a strainer installed upstream. Thermometers are installed at convenient locations to enable users to quickly see flow and return temperatures. Boiler house pipework is insulated and Aluminium Clad with suaged joints.


Boiler House Control System uses a custom made MCC panel for each site, with On/Off/Auto control switch for each controllable item within the boiler house. Each controlled item is provided with run and fault status indication making it easy to monitor which piece of equipment is operating.  Should an alarm situation occur the appropriate LED indicator will be illuminated and a central alarm signal will be activated accordingly




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