Miscanthus Demand Gaining Traction

draperHEAT & Terravesta work in joint venture to supply Miscanthus to the land-based sector and the demand is gaining traction with boilers specifically designed for burning Miscanthus being installed in poultry sheds all across the UK.

A popular type of boiler that we typically supply and install, is from our Danish partner Justsen, which is specifically designed for burning Miscanthus and straw.

Low-cost sustainable fuels have always been key to ‘high heat users’, such as the poultry industry and other glasshouse operations and Miscanthus is rapidly becoming a fuel of choice for growers.

Key features for the successful combustion of straw are:

  • – Corrosion-resistant boiler internals
  • – Fully water-cooled grate to accurately control the combustion temperature below the ‘clinker point’
  • – Steel internal sides, limited refractory to control combustion temperatures and optimise efficiency
  • – Automatic ‘Heston’ bale fuel feed tables for continuous burning
  • – Heavy duty slow rotating straw chopper is key to reliability and low electrical power consumption
  • – Service and back up provision by in-house draperHEAT engineers

The consistent high-quality Miscanthus bales, with a moisture content of 17%, deliver site results in fuel costs around 2p/kwh. This combined with RHI payments, and long-term fixed price fuel contracts make Miscanthus an attractive option.

If you would like to find out more about our draperHEAT solutions visit: www.draperheat.co.uk