ISJ Farming Ltd, Ashbourne, Derbyshire – Feeder and Drinker System Upgrade

The challenge

To increase bird performance, improve biosecurity and reduce setup time and costs.

The solution

Installation of Landmeco Pan Feeding System from Denmark (six rows) with the following unique features:

  • Patented “Kick-off” system allowing starter crumb to be introduced to chicks at placement only via the pan system rather than from the floor.
  • Low edge of 52mm – gives day old chicks better access.
  • Transparent cone – visible feed level – visible cleaning
  • Better hygiene – chicks eat from outside the pan and the “Kick-off” system stimulates chicks with fresh feed throughout each day.
  • Patented “Easy-clean” system allowing the pans to be lifted and then cleaned in one single operation (central rotation of the pipe).  The unique design of the Landmeco pan allows the inside of the transparent cone to be cleaned thoroughly.


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