RHI news update from DraperHEAT

The Government has laid new RHI legislation before Parliament yesterday. The regulations were made on the 29th August, laid before Parliament on the 30th August, and will come into effect on the 20th September 2017.

The regulations are different to the draft regulations laid earlier this year, and only contains some of the changes announced in the RHI reform in December 2016. It is our understanding that the Government has decided to split up the implementation into two, depending on whether they required an affirmative or negative resolution parliamentary procedure.

The changes implemented now for non domestic schemes are as expected:

  • Alignment of non-domestic biomass tariff (tier 1: 2.96p/kWth, tier 2: 2.08p/kWth) and changes of load factor from 15% to 35%.
  • New degression triggers until July 2018

More detail will follow in the coming days from BEIS.