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Solutions draperVENT Broilers

AVICARE HW is our state of the art climate control system for broilers.  Designed specifically for the often cool and damp weather of the UK. (...)

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Solutions draperVENT Breeders

We not only offer energy efficient ventilation but also complete flock management systems that include feed management, bird weighing, water delivery measurement, lighting control and (...)

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Solutions draperVENT Layers

We offer a comprehensive range of ventilation solutions for commercial and free-range layer housing. draperVENT have developed a unique solution that offers significant feed savings for (...)

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Solutions draperHEAT Hot Water Engineering

For more information please go to draperHEAT website 

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Solutions draperBIOTECH

draperBIOTECH specialises in the purification of both air and water utilising Ozone treatments. These treatments prevent Faecal to Oral transmission of Campylobacter and Necrotic Enteritis. (...)

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Solutions Condensation control for steel stock warehouses

We specialise in controlling condensation within materials warehousing. By maintaining humidity levels we can eliminate condensation and its damaging corrosive effects on valuable stock such (...)

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