The Ultimate LED Lighting for the Poultry Industry

The LED Lighting industry moves at an incredibly fast pace and unfortunately, a lot of LED lighting products just aren’t designed for the harsh environment of a poultry shed. This is seen time and time again through poor reliability and it means that 99% of the products are simply not cost effective.

We get asked by a large number of our customers to supply an LED strip light as an alternative to their existing aging fluorescent lights and thankfully our partners at FES Lighting supplied us with the perfect answer.

The ‘Duroxo G2 LED’ is manufactured and supplied by Trilux and is an extremely high-quality LED (dimmable) strip light. It’s completely gas-proof and therefore the ideal product for atmospheres with fumes, gas, and solvents, making it the ultimate lighting solution for the poultry industry.

When it comes to lighting, the key to productive poultry rearing, is the ability to simply adjust the spectrum of light that suits the birds, thereby enhancing animal welfare, boosting growth, productivity, reproductive behaviors, and overall development, whilst also reducing energy costs in order to deliver higher profits. The Duroxo LED does this and more.

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