The growth in the poultry sector has soared in recent years, with UK egg consumption continuing to rise, up 2% in the 12 months running up to August 2017 (Up to 12.8bn eggs according to Defra statistics).

In total, the UK produced 10.6bn eggs, with the retail value rising by 7% in the 12 months running up to September 2017 (to £972m).

The Birth of draperLAYERS

Fast forward to 2018 and since the launch of draperLAYERS at the Pig & Poultry Fair the interest has been overwhelming and the first meetings based on leads from the exhibition are already taking place.

In addition to this, we are incredibly pleased to share that draperLAYERS has also had a very strong start within broiler breeders, as the first 4 houses have already been sold, and soon they will be ready for installation.

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